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Marking the debut orchestral recording of legendary Lang Langs illustrious career, this Telarc classic includes the pianists performance of Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30 with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra from Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in 2001, as well as his solo performance of a variety of Scriabins Etudes. Mastered from the original Soundstream tapes by Paul Blakemore, cut by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, and pressed on 180-gram LP pressed at Optimal.

Lang Lang, Yuri Temirkanov, & St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra - Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto: No. 3 / Scriabin: Etudes [2LP]
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Roger Eno

Turning Year

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Following the success of Mixing Colours - the 2020 duo release with his brother Brian Eno - Roger Eno returns for his solo debut on the Yellow Label. This time focusing solely on his own compositions, Eno presents a lush collection of lyrical pieces both old and new. "I thought about how our years comprise of moments, days, and the changing months. Of how we live our lives in facets, how we catch fleeting glimpses, how we walk through our lives, how we notice the turning year." - Roger Eno.
Roger Eno - Turning Year
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Inspired by the groundbreaking mission of NASA's Juno space probe and its ongoing exploration of Jupiter, Juno to Jupiter is Vangelis' multi-dimensional journey through electronic, progressive, ambient, techno, orchestral, and vocal music. The project features soprano Angela Gheorghiu and sounds from space recorded by NASA.

Vangelis - Juno To Jupiter [2LP]
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"Croatian cellists Luka ulić and HAUSER, together known as 2CELLOS, celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2021 with a brand new album, titled Dedicated. The album was led by the first single, a cover of Bon Jovis anthem Livin On a Prayer. Dedicated showcases their unique playing style on ten new arrangements that reinvent both recent hits such as Wherever I Go (One Republic), I Dont Care (Ed Sheeran/Justin Bieber) and bad guy (Billie Eilish), and iconic classics such as Sweet Child O Mine (Guns N Roses) and Cryin (Aerosmith).

Ten years ago, 2CELLOS went viral with their self-uploaded version of Michael Jackons Smooth Criminal. Since then, theyve released five charttopping studio albums, amassed over 2.5 billion streams and surpassed 20 million followers on their socials. They shared the stages with Elton John, Steven Tyler, Andrea Bocelli, George Michael and Queens Of The Stone Age amongst others.

Dedicated is available as a limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on crystal clear vinyl and includes an insert.

Official website: http://www.2cellos.com/

LISTEN: https://youtu.be/VvqImsjpfPo


2Cellos - Dedicated [Limited Edition Crystal Clear LP]
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SVIN has been at the forefront of progressive Danish music for a decade, as both a lauded pioneer and a well-guarded secret. The ten movements of ELEGI build from a base of reflective melancholy to one of high energy, combining the ambient drones familiar from some of SVIN's previous albums with junkyard percussion, ritualistic fervor, and a sure sense of Zen. It is composed music with the impulses of a tight, reactive improvisation and with a vast range of timbres and textures, acoustic and electronic.
Eiler / Svin / Arhus Sinfonietta - Elegi (2pk)
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Flore Laurnetienne

Volume 1

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Volume I inaugurates a series of orchestral synergies from Flore Laurentienne, the vessel of Canadian composer Mathieu David Gagnon. Born near the St. Lawrence River, the classically trained musician channels the nature, grandeur and light of his formative environment into spectral hues of early progressive rock and the compositional art of fugue. Volume I breaks through the classical and popular music milieu to arrive at expansive horizons of instrumentation and imagery, technicolour moments of blossoming arpeggio, and plaintive, aching tones of decay. Vinyl edition is accompanied by a printed insert and a high quality, multi-format digital download.
Flore Laurnetienne - Volume 1
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Hailed as one of the best recordings Telarc has ever done by Stereophile, the 1980 recording of Moussorgskys Pictures at an Exhibition, performed by The Cleveland Orchestra and conducted by the legendary Lorin Maazel, cemented Telarcs status as the preeminent classical audiophile recording label. This reissue was mastered from the original Soundstream tapes by Paul Blakemore, cut by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, and pressed on 180-gram LP pressed at Optimal.
Lorin Maazel & The Cleveland Orchestra - Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition / Night On Bald Mountain [LP]
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Ule Lamore

Loom (Uk)

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Chloe Flower

Chloe Flower

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Chloe Flower is a visionary, a powerhouse, an icon, an activist, a fashion influencer, and so much more. Bridging the gap between classical and pop, Chloe's self-created Popsical genre embodies sweet melodies, epic strings, and hip-hop beats blending with impressive aplomb. Chloe has been working on her eponymous debut album for over a decade. Living through the COVID-19 pandemic not only changed Chloe's life, but also the course of her music. The stay-home period was a clear signal to take ownership and to create an album which matters and speaks volumes. Chloe's album is divided into three acts - (I) Innocence, (II) Suffering and (III) Hope - and book-ended by a prelude and finale that redefine classical crossover. It features spoken word from Deepak Chopra and an interpretation of Billie Eilish's chart-topping hit 'Bad Guy.' Of her album Chloe states: "I was thinking about the life cycle. You start with innocence; born with a clean slate. Throughout life there is suffering which hardens you. But there's always hope for change, something better. I want people to listen to the album as a whole body of work, which is why there is a prelude and finale in addition to the three acts. The ultimate goal was to make an album that inspires listeners and makes people hopeful. It's new and edgy - a sound that is authentic to me. Though my music doesn't have lyrics, I still have something to say."
Chloe Flower - Chloe Flower
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Rob Burger

Marching With Feathers

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Rob Burger's keyboard work can be heard in everything from Guggenheim showcases to the blockbuster film Ocean's 8 - in addition to albums by John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, and Iron & Wine - but the moonlit compositions he spins up on his own may be his most compelling work. His newest solo venture, Marching With Feathers, departs from the controlled exotica and kosmische of 2019's The Grid towards a genreless seesaw of electrified apprehension and capacious piano rumination. Piano-based tracks like "Figurine" and "Still" draw the listener into a realm of quiet contemplation, while arid psyche vignettes like "Library Science" and "Hotel For Saints" imbue the collection with a vital groove, conjuring images of a searing, high desert plain. At the core of the album is a central dichotomy between strength and gentleness, power and vulnerability. By uniting these seemingly opposing concepts, Burger catches you off guard by carving trails that turn from mirage to stark reality at every bend. As the album draws to a close, the listener feels as though they're waking from a dream, pensive yet determined to rise, like a lost hiker reaching a vista - or a clenched fist full of feathers.
Rob Burger - Marching With Feathers
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Sven Helbig

Skills (Uk)

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Vinyl LP pressing. "In my parents' living room stands an elaborately hand-forged copper kettle - my grandfather's masterpiece, hammered out of a single piece of copper. Growing up in a family of craftsmen, I have been familiar since early childhood with the attitude of perfecting a thing for it's own sake. The deepening concentration and slow maturing of execution, the craft shares with spiritual rituals, with arts, sports and the sciences. I am touched by the sight of almost ideal expressions of human activity, be it a forged piece, a perfectly build sentence or an athletic performance. I dedicate my album Skills to this fascination. A branched succession of changing skills has brought mankind to the present day. The skills that were originally life-supporting grew into handy crafts and art. This development through the times reflects the enormous changes in ethics, aesthetics and morals. People describe this process in many shades, from culturally pessimistic dystopias to posthumanist utopias. The music of Skills lives in this field - between hymn and melancholy."
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Two years ago, a unique performance took place at the Archa Theatre in Prague in which the legendary Czech folk musician Dagmar Vonková performed her repertoire. This time, however, Vonková did not appear as a soloist but accompanied by a band composed of eight major figures on the local musical scene: Beata Hlavenková, Dorota Barová, Marcel Bárta, Oskar Török, Milos Dvorácek, Jirí Slavík, Marian Friedl, Petr Ostrouchov and the singer Lenka Dusilová as guest. Animal Music now releases a life recording of this concert. The band was assembled on the initiative of the producer of the project, Petr Ostrouchov, who designed the program especially for the Strings of Autumn festival in the year of Dagmar Vonková's seventieth birthday. The concert was offered as a tribute to this remarkable folk singer who has been part of the musical scene since the 1970s when she first came with her wholly original combination of traditional folk song with a unique approach to guitar play and an expressive way of singing. Remarkably, her music and reputation spanned the borders of Czechoslovakia. Accompanied on the piano, wind instruments, double bass, the drums, percussions, folk flutes or cimbalom, Vonková's songs, characterized by a strong folk-poetic drive, can be heard in a new flourish of colors in the present recording. The many-layered arrangements are the work of members of the accompanying band whose own musical language draws on jazz and contemporary music as well as current songwriting and folk-song.
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Tom Kitt

Reflect [2LP]

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Toms debut album, Reflect, features songs co-written and performed by some of Broadways biggest stars, including Adrienne Warren, Mandy Gonzalez, Michael McElroy, Jenn Colella, Danny Burstein, Rebecca Luker, Javier Muoz, Lauren Patten, Jerry Dixon, Elizabeth Stanley, Heidi Blickenstaff, Brian dArcy James, and Pearl Sun. An album about finding your voice when you need it most, Reflect is a true collaboration that captures the hope and heartbreak of the tumultuous times were living through.

Tom Kitts spirit courses through film, television, theater, music, and beyond. He garnered the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama along with two Tony Awards for Next To Normal and won a 2021 Grammy Award for his work on the Broadway Cast Recording of Jagged Little Pill. His body of work as a composer spans everything from the upcoming Broadway musical Almost Famous, [written with Cameron Crowe] to his Tony Award nominated work on both If/Then, and SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical. Tom notably took home an Emmy Award as co-writer (with Lin-Manuel Miranda) for the 2013 Tony Awards opening number, Bigger. Next up for Tom are two new shows debuting in New York City this fall - The Visitor at The Public Theater and Flying Over Sunset at Lincoln Center.

Tom Kitt - Reflect [2LP]
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Lucy Railton / Downes,Kit


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Subaerial' is the latest and most sophisticated transmission from the long musical partnership of cellist Lucy Railton and keyboardist Kit Downes, a collaborative history that stretches back thirteen years. From the beginning, the pair bridged musical worlds, with the former emerging from classical and contemporary music and the latter steeped in jazz tradition. This phenomenal new album captures the musicians erasing lines between approaches and traditions. While improvisation has always been a part of their alliance, Subaerial marks the first time that the duo have used recorded improvisations as the core material for a release. The cello and organ, beautifully recorded by Alex Bonney at Skáholt Cathedral, blend in richly striated harmonies, with phrases and cadences that stretch back centuries while sounding unerringly contemporary
Lucy Railton  / Downes,Kit - Subaerial
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Danish composer, pianist and producer Asger Baden has made a name for himself as a film and TV series composer with his atmospheric music featured in world-acclaimed productions such as "Breaking Bad" and "The Wolfpack". After having worked on several collaborative projects and composing with the bands "The Crooked Spoke" and "Cours Lapin", Baden now releases his debut album of solo material, "If the music stops, they'll eat him up" via Berlin-based label Neue Meister. It invokes through it's nine tracks a sense of mysterious and highly visual storytelling. As is expected of a composer who has worked with cinema extensively, the music unfolds much like a motion picture, conjuring images that are rich and textured. It's as if Baden was painting a wide and vast musical room where the listener is invited to explore it's every nook and cranny, from soft percussive footsteps in the background, to the whispering rumbles of synthesizers just in front or the frail conversation of strings happening to the side. There's an overwhelming sense of openness and atmosphere to every sound, with a churchy echo delineating the space that surrounds them. There's definitely a lot of space for fantasy within "If the music stops, they'll eat him up", and much is left to the imagination of the listener. The album's title in itself begs a frightening question - "who'll eat who up?". The accompanying cover art imagery, by Danish illustrator John Kenn Mortensen, with depictions of creatures that - depending on the beholder - might be viewed as friendly or menacing, only amplifies the sense of reverie. Like all good pieces of art, it incites more questions than formulates answers.
Baden - If The Music Stops They'll Eat Him Up [Colored Vinyl] (Ylw)
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Hitchock and Herrmann, Spielberg and Williams, Zemeckis and Silvestri, Burton and Elfman, Fellini and Rota. Theres a certain kind of magic that happens when a director and composer work together for an extended period; their imaginations are fuelled by an artistic sensibility which becomes, inevitably, entwined. Such deep understanding between two artists has proffered memorable, even legendary, cinemusical experiences. But theres another of these partnerships we must honour and mention in the same breath, that of director Hayao Miyazaki and composer Joe Hisaishi.

Joe Hisaishi, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - A Symphonic Celebration - Music from the Studio Ghibli Films of Hayao Miyazaki [Limited Edition 2CD]
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Adam Wakeman

A Handful Of Memories

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On November 12th Adam Wakeman will release his first modern classical piano album since 1996's 'Tapestries' which he recorded with Rick Wakeman. 'A Handful Of Memories' is the result of an appreciation upon reflection of Adam's past experiences, trips with his family, his touring families and friends in some places that hold special memories for him. To reflect the personal, minimalist nature of the tracks, no effort was made to remove any of the pedal noises or enhance the tracks in any way, as Adam wanted them as exposed and natural as they can be. The album will be released through Blacklake Records on November 12th on CD, LP and digital format. The pandemic had a hand in Adam's return to modern classical piano after 25 years. As a highly sought-after touring pianist, Adam played extensively with Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis and many others, he records and performs with his progressive rock band Headspace, with his acoustic duo Wilson & Wakeman and last year he even ventured into the jazz world with his critically acclaimed documentary/album project Jazz Sabbath. When the pandemic started, and the music world paused, he was halfway through a South American tour with Martin Barre on his 50th Anniversary Tour of Jethro Tull. Forced to leave his gear in Chile and hurry home before the airports closed, a period of reflection had started and this album is a result of that. 170-gram polycarbonate record
Adam Wakeman - A Handful Of Memories
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Nils Frahm

Old Friends New Friends [2LP]

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Nils Frahms double album 'Old Friends New Friends' gathers together 23 solo piano tracks recorded between 2009 and 2021, almost all hitherto unreleased but omitted from previous albums and projects for one reason or another.

The album was pieced together during the pandemic as Frahm used the time to arrange his archives, conscious of the sheer number of recordings hed accumulated. Having selected his favourites, he realised how, when he listened to them together, they offered a different spectrum of freedom for me. I forgot that some tracks are ten years old, some two, and theyre all played on different pianos. Instead I remembered how, as a fan, I love albums like this. With a lot of my records theres a point where you feel, This is the centrepiece, but here I wasnt really worrying about that. It still feels like my universe, though, and Im proud that all these things which I never found a way to unite before now work together. Its like I tossed flowers indiscriminately into a vase and then realised it looked exactly right.

The 140g vinyl records come housed in a single-pocket cardboard jacket, and protected by premium anti-static inner sleeves.

Nils Frahm - Old Friends New Friends [2LP]
$33.04 ON SALE
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Emily D'angelo

Enargeia (Can)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Concept, character and cool - Emily D'angelo's debut album on Deutsche Grammophon encompasses everything that comes so naturally to the young Canadian vocalist. Enargeia features music from the 12th and 21st centuries written by four female composers - Hildegard von Bingen, Hildur Gudnadóttir, Missy Mazzoli and Sarah Kirkland Snider. "Each track is born out of the previous," explains the singer, "as the listener is guided through a progression, a cohesive and exploratory listening experience."
$24.24 ON SALE
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Pat Metheny

Road To The Sun [Limited Edition]

ON SALE $125.98 Vinyl: $114.96 Buy

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and twenty time Grammy-winner Pat Metheny returns with Road To The Sun, his debut for BMG Modern Recordings and the latest chapter in an endlessly innovative career that spans nearly five decades. A collection of two major new works composed by Metheny and performed by five of the world 's leading guitarists, Road To The Sun unveils new facets of an already expansive personal language while obliterating any genre boundaries that stand in it's way. Road To The Sun: Deluxe Edition vinyl 2LP + CD box set with specially designed lenticular cover of the album artwork plus two books containing the full scores and numbered art card hand signed by Pat.
Pat Metheny - Road To The Sun [Limited Edition]
$114.96 ON SALE
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MP3 Album: $8.99 Download

Avant-garde British composer and multi-disciplinary artist Klein presents her first PENTATONE album Harmattan, described by Fred Moten as "a soundtrack of epic revolt against beginnings and ends", which expands our notions of what classical music means today. Harmattan is a personal journey from childhood to now, titled after the West African season. Starting with jazz-inspired piano improvisations, the album gradually gains in ambient breadth, transforming classical musical inspirations into Klein's unique sound universe. Based in South London, Klein's work has been described as "grainy pop collages" (FACT) utilizing elements like manipulated audio samples, R&B inspired vocals, metallic drones, and pitch shifting effects.
Klein - Harmattan
$22.37 ON SALE
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Matteo Myderwyk

Notes Of Longing

ON SALE $31.98 Vinyl: $26.23 Buy

Matteo's first album with Warner Classics combines solo piano and electronic synth-tracks. The album includes many melodious and catchy works, simply perfect for modern-classical piano mood playlists as well as for synch opportunities. 'This album is entirely dedicated to all forms of longing. Whether it is wistful longing of moments from the past, or the desire for future better times. The Notes of Longing premise is to accompany the listener through all of his or her intimate moments of daydreaming and longing. Therefore, this album is fully dedicated to those seeking comfort.' - Matteo Myderwyk
Matteo Myderwyk - Notes Of Longing
$26.23 ON SALE
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Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing, On More Music, master organist Joey DeFrancesco, who has long supplemented his keyboard virtuoso with his skilled trumpet playing, brings out his full arsenal: organ, keyboard, piano, trumpet and, for the first time on record, tenor saxophone. More Music offers up ten new DeFrancesco originals, brought to life by a scintillating new trio with fellow Philadelphia organist and guitarist Lucas Brown and gifted drummer Michael Ode.
Joey Defrancesco - More Music
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Olga Scheps

Family (Ger)

ON SALE $24.99 Vinyl: $21.94 Buy

$21.94 ON SALE
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Limited 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing. "Nocturnes: Music For 2 Pianos was written during 2020 and 2021. There are 14 compositions, written mostly at night in lockdown. The decision to compose for two pianos gave me the ability to write more abstract compositions, blurring the melodies and harmonies to make a diffused sound. Other Nocturnes are more pure and focus on delicate melodic fragments, revealing their compositional process as they develop. Each short piece should stand on it's own however the atmosphere and intention of each movement work together as a whole. Writing the work, which was composed and recorded at home was in a way therapeutic amidst the pandemic. I would like to think the beauty of the sound and reflectiveness of the music communicates and in turn perhaps might help the listener find some solace in these strange times. I wanted Nocturnes to be an acoustic album, playable by any two pianists who might want to perform them." - Craig Armstrong.
Craig Armstrong - Nocturnes - Music For Two Pianos [LP]
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vision string quartet


ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $20.60 Buy

The new vinyl "Spectrum" by the vision string quartet presents 13 songs composed, arranged and produced by the four young musicians from Berlin themselves. Inspired by folk, pop, rock, funk, minimal and singer-songwriter music, Jakob Encke (violin), Daniel Stoll (violin), Sander Stuart (viola) and Leonard Disselhorst (cello) have embarked on a journey to their very own sound and genre. The result is an unprecedented musical adventure without borders, shaped by personal experiences, new and old encounters as well as subtle impressions from various cultures. They create a whole world of sounds with just their four string instruments - from guitar, ukulele and bass to bongos or a complete drum set.
vision string quartet - Spectrum
$20.60 ON SALE
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Peter Gregson


ON SALE $25.98 Vinyl: $24.24 Buy

$24.24 ON SALE
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Nils Frahm


ON SALE $31.98 Vinyl: $25.43 Buy

Vinyl LP pressing. Piano Day 2021 sees Nils Frahm surprise the world with his Erased Tapes debut. Wait, what? How? Anyone who has seen the trail blazing sonic pioneer live will know Nils likes to deadpan a joke. Graz is in fact the first studio album he recorded for the label back in 2009, that somehow remained a secret' until now. Over his mercurial career, Nils has pushed and pulled at the boundaries and parameters of his prolific work like that. He's physically changed his piano (the softened prepared strings of Felt) played with a modified body (Screws recorded with 9 fingers and a broken thumb) played with scale (Solo recorded on the 3.7 metre high Klavins M370) and with the different layers of formats (last year's Tripping with Nils Frahm nested his studio setup inside a live performance, concert film and live album). Now with Graz he has found the final frontier for play: time itself and his own discography.
Nils Frahm - Graz
$25.43 ON SALE
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Thomas Bangalter

Mythologies [3LP]

ON SALE $69.98 Vinyl: $57.01 PREORDER

3 LP clamshell. Mythologies is Thomas Bangalter's first composition for orchestra, conceived upon request of choreographer Angelin Preljocaj for the ballet of the same name. Performed by the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine under the direction of Romain Dumas, it is a large and lyrical work in which Bangalter, co-founder of Daft Punk, reinvents his relationship to composition.
Thomas Bangalter - Mythologies [3LP]
$57.01 ON SALE
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ON SALE $22.98 Vinyl: $18.92 Buy

Vinyl LP pressing. A collection of 11 titles unveiled one by one every month, each a jewel of pure emotion, will allow Riopy to enter into an uninterrupted conversation with the fans of his music. His inspiration has been guided by his will to pay tribute to the anonymous but true heroes of "normal life". Although he has rejected tricks of over-produced music, preferring the sheer power and shine of an amazing Fazioli piano, he manages to create incredibly cinematic music, built chapter by chapter, character by character, growing into a piano tale - a piano tale that, for the listener, will become an unforgettable experience of Bliss.
 - Bliss
$18.92 ON SALE
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Brooks / Ostersjo


ON SALE $14.99 Vinyl: $13.98 Buy

On the surface, Footnotes is a guitar album that cuts across stylistic and aesthetic boundaries throughout the 20th Century in the U.S.A. But what is this music? Or more importantly, who are the protagonists in this release? William Brooks is a composer; Stefan Östersjö is a guitarist; Jez Wells is a creative sound engineer. So this would seem to be a composition by Brooks played by Östersjö and produced by Wells. Alas, the sleeve notes say otherwise: "We choose to call this album Footnotes because it presents the artefactual results-or, perhaps more properly, the counterfactual results-of a lengthy research process that has led us into various historic documents, recordings, and technologies. It will be evident that a prime motivator for our interest was that each track involves mysteries of some sort, many of which have not been resolved." Six tracks, in vastly different styles (it seems), using vastly different instruments (it seems), recorded in vastly different environments (it seems). Track 1 is for prepared guitar, and the notes tell us the recording dates from 1959. Track 2 is for folk guitar, a ragtime piece with bizarre interruptions and transpositions; allegedly it was a field recording from the 1950s. Track 3, -well, it might be a blues recorded by Big Mama Orton in the 1960s, but who on earth was Big Mama, and what did she do to the blues? Track 4 claims to be by a Polish composer and recorded in 1974-possibly true: it certainly sounds appropriately cerebral. Track 5 "strains credulity," say the notes. You bet it does, with a performance allegedly broadcast by a Spanish guitarist and recorded off-air in England. And track 6? It's a mishmash, some parts recalling earlier tracks, some seemingly snatched from sources ranging from churches to radio to free-jazz outtakes.
Brooks / Ostersjo - Footnotes
$13.98 ON SALE
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The Soul of Things - solo piano combined with compositions for harp, cello, piano and electronics - is about things that are of exceptional meaning to Dresden-based pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch. The cover was designed by Lithuanian artist Jolita Vaitkutë, who assembled objects thematically related to the album in an installation, visually echoing Poetzsch's multilayered and delicate arrangements, in the style of neoclassical music. Deep inside, pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch always knew what music meant to him: freedom. Freedom to improvise; freedom to create new worlds of sound; freedom to follow his instinct wherever it may lead him. ?His publications in collaboration with various musicians and his solo debut album (People & Places, 2016) already distinguished him as a special talent.
$23.31 ON SALE
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De Graaf, Pieter


ON SALE $22.99 Vinyl: $19.50 Buy

$19.50 ON SALE
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Rob Grant will release his debut album, Lost At Sea, on June 9, 2023. An accidental recording artist, Grant has never had a lesson on any instrument in his life, but when he sits down at a piano, something magical happens. Father of international icon Lana Del Rey, he enlisted an array of talent to contribute to the making of the album. Features and writing credits include Lana Del Rey, while production credits include Jack Antonoff, Luke Howard, Laura Sisk and Zach Dawes.

Rob Grant - Lost At Sea [LP]
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Vinyl LP pressing. For the first time ever, musicians from every country in the world record together on Together Is Beautiful. The most significant statement of global creative optimism for a generation. The track 'Together is Beautiful' was composed by George Fenton. He wrote it with the ambition that we could record it using one musician from every single country on earth. After two years we managed to record all: 197 nationalities/197 Musicians/197 countries/1 song/1 world. Together Is Beautiful.
The Earth Orchestra - Together Is Beautiful [LP]
$22.23 ON SALE
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Patrick Belaga


ON SALE $22.98 Vinyl: $19.09 Buy

Conceived at the heel of Italy's boot-shaped peninsula in Apulia, Patrick Belaga's Blutt makes music for the unruly imagination. The title is an old German word for 'naked', 'bare', but it can also mean 'blood' when spelt blut. Take away another letter and it makes 'butt'. None of these definitions and adaptations were what prompted the classically-trained composer and cellist to name his second album with a word simulating the sound of a punctured artery. That came later. Blutt's nine woozy compositions are inspired by a contemplative road trip with a friend, and the mysterious muffled music heard from an unidentified source. It was a combination of jazz and classical music that haunted Belaga's wanderings through the Byzantine town Gallipoli, and soon infected his dreams of long-gone civilizations. This record is it's outcome, where organic instrumentals and electronic production merge into a sound that's both contemporary and ancient. Samples of mewing incantations and tape hiss sway atop the waltzing thud of piano chords on "Sigh". Composite layers of Belaga's cello play in downcast harmony on "Rust". There's a wistful sense for the romantic, in the eerie rhythm of a piece like "Momentum". The quarter tones of an Eastern European and Middle Eastern folk scale probe a profound melancholy via Kai Knight's violin. It's notes are haunted by a field recording of running water on "Unsoft", echoes of panpipes and a Jew's harp on opener "Lilt". As a consummate composer and performer known for his work with artists Wu Tsang, boychild, Josh Johnson and Asma Maroof, Belaga's Blutt is itself marked by flawless collaborations. Vocalist and instrumentalist Jazmin Romero sings and composes the surreal melodies of "Grey Eye". Multidisciplinary dance artist and producer Riley Watts contributes to the muted, motorik movement of "The Tunnel is a Tower". Together, the record plays as a stunning soundtrack to the strangeness of sleeping, and the heartbreaking transience of time. Like an intense dream half-remembered, the emotions persist after waking but for the sharp machinations just outside of the mind's reach. The album is mastered by Rashad Becker, featuring artwork by Giovanni Furlino & design by N MRE 08.
Patrick Belaga - Blutt
$19.09 ON SALE
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Erika Dohi

I Castorpollux

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Osaka-born and New York-based pianist Erika Dohi is a multi-faceted artist with an eclectic musical background. From highly polished traditional classical to bold improvisation, she is a dynamic performer whose timeless style and unidiomatic technique sets her apart in contemporary NYC avant-garde circles. Dohi's vast repertory is impressive, but what makes her truly such a barrier-defying artist is what lies ahead. I, Castorpollux, Dohi's debut solo album, is a profound personal excavation set to a gripping landscape of wild, genre-fluid composition; a virtuosic, but emotionally generous convergence of the technical and the spiritual. With understated piano & keyboards at it's center, I, Castorpollux is equal parts hazy nostalgia, science-fiction soundtrack and electroacoustic experimentation. The project features contributions from Channy Leaneagh (Polica), Andy Akiho, Immanuel Wilkins, among others, and is produced by William Brittelle. The central theme to the album is the "split-self" and variable perceptions of time that Dohi has faced at formative moments in her life. She experienced the 1995 Kobe earthquake at age 7. Hiding under a table during the worst of it, she later emerged to find the world around her crumbled. In her immediate vicinity, a fixture of her childhood remained standing. The Tower of the Sun, a type of three-faced time machine itself from Expo 70, designed by artist Taro Okamoto is a trail-marker on Erika's journey, a stand-in sigil to unlock the mysterious sounds of her work, with 70s synths and retro sci-fi aesthetics permeating the album's narratives. Much of the album was written while living in Texas where the split between her Asian self and the idea of being an American necessitated a near mountain of self-discovery to reconcile how she felt and who she was within the social backdrop of a strongly conservative environment. It is no wonder that the character of the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux from Greek and Roman mythology, resonate so deeply with her, or Haruki Murakami's Two Moons and their strange light. From her contributions to various projects, and her participation in the Artist in Residency collaborations, Erika has become a staple of the 37d03d community. 37d03d is honored to partner with her on her profound and moving debut.
Erika Dohi - I Castorpollux
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Coming under the form of a beautiful antique pink and dark green 3-shutters digipack and two-LPs Gatefold, 'Two Roses' is by Avishai's words "a once in a lifetime project". Associating his core trio (Mark Guiliana, Elchin Shirinov) with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Avishai Cohen offers a very cinematic project between Jazz, Mediterranean Folklore and Classical music, reexploring a part of his musical journey. Not only proposing new orchestrations of his most successful works, 'Two Roses' is also strongly supported by 'When I'm Falling', an original composition showing how far the sound of Avishai Cohen has developed. The vinyl edition features 2 exclusive tracks in addition to the 12 songs already listed on the digital and CD editions; including a Symphonic version of Seven Seas which is one of Avishai's most beloved compositions.
Cohen / Gothenburg Symphony Orch - Two Roses (2pk)
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Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing in deluxe jacket with glass laminate. Includes insert. Itaipu, written by American composer Philip Glass, were commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. The composition pays a beautiful homage to the Itaipu Dam, which is the world's largest hydroelectric dam built on the Paraná River between Paraguay and Brazil. This LP also includes The Canyon on the D-side, which was first performed in 1988 and commissioned by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.
Philip Glass - Itaipu/Canyon [180 Gram]
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The Wind [2 LP]

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Copious creative influences run through Balmorhea's Deutsche Grammophon debut album. The Wind comprises a dozen tracks inspired by meditations on the natural world and its fragility, an ancient tale of a saint who carried the wind to an airless French valley, and thoughts of climate activist Greta Thunberg crossing the Atlantic on the catamaran La Vagabonde. 2 LP. Gatefold Jacket.
Balmorhea - The Wind [2 LP]
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Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing. "The album's title Adela comes from a song by Rodrigo which constitutes the emotional culmination of our duo's programme. What counts is not the name, but the person we love and long for. Everyone certainly has such a person, and so we hope that each listener will find on our CD something close to his or her heart. The piano and classical guitar virtually never collaborate in music. However, after our first joint performance with Lukasz Kuropaczewski we immediately realised that we could create intriguing music worlds together. We followed the same line of thinking in our choice of programme, which derives from both the piano and guitar repertoires, though the spirit of the South that influences most of that music is more typically associated with the guitar tradition. In my arrangements of classical works, I strove to represent the sonic qualities of both instruments, their unique expression, and cultural associations. I reworked Domenico Scarlatti's famous "Sonata in D Minor (Toccata)" K. 141 so as to bring out it's Spanish roots. Titled "Domingo" on our album, it features distinctive flamenco qualities and an improvised layer. The "Aranjuez Concerto BWV 1056" is, as it's very name suggests, a fusion of the world's most famous piece for guitar and orchestra, Joaquin Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez", with Johann Sebastian Bach's "Keyboard Concerto in F Minor" BWV 1056. Themes from the second, slow movements of both concertos interlink here as in the film cross-cutting technique, and we swap roles, Lukasz leading the Bach theme while I take up Rodrigo's."
Debicz, Aleksander / Kuropaczewski, Lukasz - Adela
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Vinyl LP pressing. In the 1950s, when Astor Piazzolla went to Paris to study classical composition, the tango of his native Argentina was not considered fit for the concert stages of Europe; these were the sultry sounds of the street; the music of the demimonde. Luckily, the formidable composition teacher Nadia Boulanger encouraged her Argentinian pupil to draw precisely on those roots. Piazzolla at last found his true voice as a composer and bandoneon virtuoso. Today, he is considered the father of tango as we know it today, blending rhythmic vitality with orchestral textures. This LP compilation confirms that the founder of Tango Nuevo left as his legacy a unique style of music that sounds just as fresh and vibrant today.
Martha Argerich  / Capucon,Gautier - Astor Piazzolla: Libertango
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'The music on Dance Nos. 1-5 was originally conceived as a three-way collaboration between composer Philip Glass, choreographer Lucinda Childs and artist Sol LeWitt. Dance received it's world premiere in Amsterdam on October 19, 1979 and it's New York premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on November 29, 1979. Post-dating Einstein on the Beach - Glass's 1975-76 collaboration with director Robert Wilson - Dance was another Glass collaboration, this time with choreographer Lucinda Childs, known for her austere, athematically exact dances, and artist Sol LeWitt, who provided a ghostly, gigantic black- and-white film for several of the piece's five sections. The complete Dance Nos. 1-5 album is now available on vinyl for the first time in it's entirety
Philip Glass - Dance Nos. 1-5 [180 Gram]
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In a Word, the sixteenth installment of the intergenerational collaboration series FRKWYS, brings together postminimalist composer Daniel Lentz with vocalist and sound artist Ian William Craig for an album that embraces erosion and the fertility of the loam left behind. A document of shared transformation, Lentz's elegant piano figures and Craig's trembling tenor are wilted, warbled, and looped through manipulated tape machines in a real time composition that evokes a strange warmth and layered beauty. Six panel fold-out CD edition includes artist essays and photographs.
Ian Craig William / Lentz,Daniel - In A Word'
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Thomas Bartlett

Shelter [LP]

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SHELTERisacollectionof eight disarmingly beautiful piano nocturnes namedafter types of roses that was recorded in Thomas Bartlett's New York City home over two days following the beginning of lockdown. Thealbum was writtenasalove letter to hispartner, Britishactressand singer EllaHunt,as wellas to New York City itself, hishome for 21 years.

Spanning more than two decades, Thomas Bartletts remarkable career has seen the musician, composer,and producer performingaround the world bothas Dovemanandalongside The National, David Byrne, Nico Muhly,Anohni,and hisown much-acclaimed supergroup, The Gloaming, to name butafew.Asaproducer, the Vermont-born Bartlett has collaborated withan equally impressivearray of diverse but like-mindedartists, including St. Vincent, Rhye, Yoko Ono, Mandy Patinkin,and Sufjan Stevens, with whom he earnedAcademyAwardand GRAMMYAward nominations for Mystery of Love, featured on the soundtrack to the 2017 film, Call Me By Your Name.

Thomas Bartlett - Shelter [LP]
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Brody / Chang

Floating Into Infinity

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Composer Benjamin Louis Brody, known as one of the most progressive and multi-faceted musicians in New York City, creates sublime walls of sound through ambient textures that combine post- rock and modern minimalism to forge a dynamic resonance with his listeners. Working in what Brody describes as "meta-textual sonic DNA," the 8 tracks on "Floating Into Infinity" invite deep listening into uncharted realms. Brody's kinetic connection with virtuosic drummer Ian Chang (Son Lux, Landlady) yields an indescribable experience with genre-defying soundworlds.
Brody / Chang - Floating Into Infinity
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Commemorating the 25th anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters in Quebecs history while celebrating thecourage and collective humanity that emanated from it, the album Ice Storm Symphony (Symphonie de la temptede verglas) takes the listener into a whirlwind of music by Quebec composer Maxime Goulet. The program featuresOrchestre classique de Montral under the direction of Jacques Lacombe performing three of Gouletscompositions: Fishing Story, What a Day, and the title work.

Orchestre classique de Montreal - Symphonie de la tempete de verglas
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On November 8, 2019, at Carnegie Hall, New York, during a tour with the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and only a few weeks before his unexpected death, Mariss Jansons conducted his final concert. On the programme was Johannes Brahms' Fourth Symphony and the latter's famous Hungarian Dance No. 5 was played as an encore. The live recording in Carnegie Hall, released here for the first time on Vinyl by BR-KLASSIK, is the great conductor's musical legacy. For the last seventeen years of his life - from 2003 to 2019 - Mariss Jansons was chief conductor of the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and the Bavarian Radio Chorus. Both ensembles and their conductor appreciated each other deeply on an artistic as well as a human level, and this resulted in numerous unforgettable concerts. Jansons' unrelenting demands on himself and his musicians, his always respectful treatment of his colleagues, and his great devotion to music all played a lead role in their work together. Mariss Jansons occupies a place of honor in the orchestra's history, and it's players will always revere and cherish his memory. With the death of Mariss Jansons one year ago, the music world lost one of it's greatest artistic personalities.
Brahms / Jansons - Mariss Jansons - His Last Concert Live at Carnegie Hall
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Philip Glass

Songs From Liquid Days [180 Gram]

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Songs from Liquid Days is a collection of songs composed by composer Philip Glass with lyrics by Paul Simon, Suzanne Vega, David Byrne and Laurie Anderson. Glass began the project scoring lyrics by Byrne and then thought to collaborate with additional songwriters.On the project, Glass said: The words come first. From these I fashioned a set of six songs which, together, form a cycle of themes ranging from reflections on nature to classic romantic settings. After the music was written, I - along with producer Kurt Munkacsi and conductor Michael Riesman - began the long and difficult process of 'casting' singers for the individual songs. We felt that the interpretation a singer brings to a song is an immense contribution to it's character - contributing their own personality to the work perhaps more than any other performer.Songs from Liquid Days has brought together quite an astonishing assortment of people, from the progressive Kronos String Quartet to singers Linda Ronstadt, Doug Perry and Janice Pendarvis and Bernard Fowler. Among them, they cover a fair range of the contemporary music practiced in our time, from experimental to rock to opera. AllMusic wrote that Songs From Liquid Days became Philip Glass' most popular and successful recording, and concluded that Songs From Liquid Days may be his single greatest achievement. This legendary album includes an 8-page booklet with info on the Philip Glass series on MOV, coming in 2020 / 2021.
Philip Glass - Songs From Liquid Days [180 Gram]
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Garden of Silence

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This year, the outstanding Czech pianist and composer Karel Ruzicka (1940-2016) would celebrate his eightieth birthday. To mark this occasion, Animal Music releases, four years after the artist's death, the last album recorded by Ruzicka in 2010, which never came out during his lifetime. The recent discovery of the recording amounts to coming upon a precious treasure. In it, Ruzicka returns to the sphere of solo-piano recording in which he first excelled in his album "Zahrada radosti" (The Garden of Joy) in 1981. "Garden of Silence" presents an astounding medley of moods in pensive and playful pieces by Ruzicka which confirm his remarkable gift for melodies and his reputation as an unsurpassable performer and improviser
Ruzicka - Garden of Silence
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Sigur Ros

Odin's Raven Magic [2LP]

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Composed in the 14th or 15th century Odin's Raven Magic is an Icelandic poem in the ancient Edda tradition (Edda - a term that describes two Icelandic manuscripts of which together are the main sources of Norse mythology and Skáldic poetry) it's anonymous author clearly had an intimate knowledge of the Edda literature and mythology which alludes to a number of pagan motifs which are now lost. The poem recounts a great banquet held by the gods in Valhalla while they were absorbed in their feasting, ominous signs appeared that could foretell the end of the worlds of the gods and men. The album 'Odin's Raven Magic' is an orchestral collaboration between Sigur Rós, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Steindór Andersen and Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir which premiered 18 years ago at the Barbican Centre in London and is now finally almost two decades later being released. The performance honours the poem, dramatic and beautiful, classical with a modern strike. A stone marimba was built especially for the performance by Páll Gudmundsson. Odin's Raven Magic - the poem - had been relegated from mainstream ancient literature ever since 1867, when Norwegian scholar Sophus Bugge claimed it was a 17th century fabrication. This theory has since been toppled with literary and linguistic arguments and new research has concluded that Odin's Raven Magic was indeed authentic and has finally being reintroduced to the Edda.
Sigur Ros - Odin's Raven Magic [2LP]
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Martin Kohlstedt


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Vinyl LP pressing. Martin Kohlstedt's 2020 album, Flur is the German composer's way forward in a time of no clear paths. To deliver it's ten tracks, Martin turns inwards - not for answers, but rather, for a way of working with doubts and uncertainties themselves.
Martin Kohlstedt - Flur
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Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Gautier Capuçon is recognised the world over as one of the most charismatic, enchanting and exuberant musicians performing today. He receives consistently high critical praise for his performances with the major orchestras and conductors across the globe, as well as for his recital and chamber music work at many of the world's most prestigious venues and festivals. A prolific recording artist, he records exclusively for Erato.
Gautier Capucon / Orchestre De Chambre De Paris - Emotions
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The beginning of 2020 has seen the release of the new Alex Puddu full-length record, "Discotheque", a strong set of soulful and melodic tracks with a tight production that brings you back to the late '70s and early '80s jazz-funk and boogie music scene. Apart from the 10 tracks of the official album, some extra material had been produced, and "All I Want Is Your Love" is an unreleased track coming straight from those recording sessions. The song was originally written by Alex Puddu, with the collaboration of Rodney Stith, who wrote the lyrics and sang on it. Stith is a very talented American soul vocalist from Petersburg (Virginia, USA), with a vocal style that reminds of Bobby Womack and The Temptations' David Ruffin. "All I Want Is Your Love" is an up-tempo R&B ballad with a strong hook-line and catchy chorus, and we felt it was great enough to deserve a special 7-inch release. As a B-side, you'll find the full version of "Don't Hold Back", a record launch single that's become a hit especially among UK radio stations.
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Kaki King

Modern Yesterdays

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Internationally renowned composer and guitarist Kaki King co-produced her tenth album, Modern Yesterdays, with sound designer Chloe Alexandra Thompson and recording engineer Arjan Miranda. It's her first full-length studio project since the 2015 release of The Neck Is A Bridge to the Body ("bursting with masterclass talent," as reviewed in PopMatters), and her first to be recorded almost entirely on acoustic guitar. Rich in post-classical, jazz and blues-flavored motifs, as well as electronic and electro-acoustic influences, Modern Yesterdays mines a poignant, meditative arc that not only fits the mood of these turbulent times, but also once again establishes King as a tirelessly inventive composer whose imagination extends well beyond the sonic limits of her chosen instrument.
Kaki King - Modern Yesterdays
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