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Tommy Boy reissues exclusive limited edition pressing of RuPaul's"Supermodel of the World" on December 10, 2021, as part ofTommy Boy's 40th anniversary celebration

It has been nearly three decades since RuPaul first sashayed onto the sceneand into mainstream consciousness. Now recognized around the world as theQueen of Drag, RuPaul has for years, been an undeniable force in entertainment.While his award-winning, hit show, "RuPaul's Drag Race, " has become a worldwidephenomenon, it was RuPaul's debut album, "Supermodel of the World", that firsttook him from NYC club icon to household name.Released by Tommy Boy in 1993, "Supermodel of the World, " became an instantsuccess thanks in part to lead single, "Supermodel (You Better Work)." Peakingat #45 on the Billboard Hot 100 and going on to receive Gold Certification by theRIAA, the songs official video also landed in heavy rotation on MTV, helping topropel a much-needed change to the mainstream, which at this time was dominatedby Grunge, Gangsta Rap and Rock. The album also made it's way up the chart sitting #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #109 on the Billboard 200.

Aside from the success of, "Supermodel (You Better Work), " the album went on toreceive massive acclaim and helped to prove RuPaul to be far more than cover artistor ballroom performer. With two further singles from the project, "Back to My Roots"and "A Shade Shady (Now Prance), " both reaching #1 on the Billboard Club/DancePlay Songs Chart, "Supermodel of the World, " is still recognized as a game-changerand cult-classic amongst 90's music lovers.

Rupaul - Supermodel of the World [Picture Disc]
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Kylie Minogue'S Number 1 Album 'Tension', Featuring Viral Hit 'Padam Padam', Was Released To Widespread Acclaim In September 2023 And Revered As 'Her Most Irresistible Release In Decades'. Extension (The Extended Mixes) Features Extended Versions Of All 11 Tracks From The Album On Neon Pink And Green Splatter Clear Double Vinyl In A Gatefold Sleeve.
Kylie Minogue - Extension The Extended Mixes [Splatter 2LP]
$36.05 ON SALE
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Memory Morning [LP]

ON SALE $25.98 Vinyl: $24.36 Buy

Fifth album from the UK Grammy Award-Winning electronic artist, Tourist (aka William Phillips). The project will come as a delightful surprise after the deeply emotional album ‘Inside Out’ last year. Embarking on US and UK/EU tour in 2024.

Tourist - Memory Morning [LP]
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‘Believe Me Now?’ is Becky’s most authentic, career defining project to date. An album which sees her digging deeper into her life-long passion for underground dance music and club culture. Whether she’s drawing on influences from the worlds of drum ‘n’ bass, anthemic house, techno or atmospheric trance, Becky’s flair for blending the heart of such genres with her soaring powerhouse vocal has produced an album that’s rich with credibility and personal integrity, yet with immense global appeal. Indie Exclusive Black & White Splatter LP.

Becky Hill - Believe Me Now? [Indie Exclusive Black/White Splatter LP]
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On the surface, Eric Slick's forthcoming LP New Age Rage is a dance record. Further listening reveals that it’s also a statement about our harrowing future - AI, self-driving cars, Twitter rage, mass media manipulation, and ultimately, the sin of perfectionism. It’s sonically influenced by the work of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, Todd Rundgren, Prince, The Residents, and DEVO. New Age Rage features many of Eric’s close collaborators: Natalie Prass, Finom (OHMME), Liam Kazar, Antibalas, Butcher Brown, Deep Sea Diver, and many more

Eric Slick - New Age Rage [Translucent Pink LP]
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Oakland’s Houses of Heaven fuse the grit of early industrial with dizzying hits of EBM, techno, and drum & bass, all imbued with lyrical themes that draw equally from the emotional and the mechanical. Within/Without, their sophomore LP for Felte, delves into a realm of intricate intensity, pushing electronics to the forefront with the production prowess of Matia Simovich (INHALT), and features top-of-their-game guest vocals from Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) and Mariana Saldaña (BOAN).

While the dub-influenced, shoegaze throb of Silent Places (2020) immersed itself in the paradox of opulence against the unsettling backdrop of California’s wildfires, Within/Without confronts social order through the lens of inner strife. It explores a contrast between the fantasy worlds and unfiltered truths that define modern survival, and a yearning for genuine human connection brought on by the anxiety and isolation of technology.

On Within/Without, Houses of Heaven truly come into their own with a distinctive alloy of electronic, industrial, psychedelic and shoegaze elements. They create a dynamic conduit for discord and harmony with a profoundly human essence, bridging interior lives and exterior pressures through visceral songcraft and deft pacing. In a cruel and technologically dominated world, emotional gridlock is rampant. Yet, in the propulsive paranoia of album highlight “Flesh Techniques”, we’re reminded that it’s often best to “breathe in / these dreams again / shake, shake it off”.

Houses Of Heaven - Within/Without [Grey Marble LP]
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Nia Archives

Silence Is Loud [LP]

ON SALE $37.99 Vinyl: $37.10 Buy

Nia Archives is the star at the forefront of the latest era of jungle. Since her emergence in 2020, her collagist soundscapes have helped bring the sound to a new generation of clubgoers (though fair warning: don’t call her a revivalist – she’s the first to point out that the scene never went away.) So, when it comes to talk of the 24-year-old DJ/producer/singer-songwriter’s much-anticipated debut album, Silence Is Loud, the odds are you’re thinking of a full-length record of weightless jungle tracks with basslines so intense they’ll leave your ears ringing.

Nia Archives - Silence Is Loud [LP]
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The seventh studio album from acclaimed musician Lindsey Stirling celebrates the delicate, yet beautiful, nature of duality – the inner battle of fearlessness and self doubt we all experience. Exploring two distinct styles of music for each side of the album, Duality evokes a sense of magic; encouraging the listener to acknowledge the struggle but to always believe in the limitless version of themselves. 

Part 1

1.    Evil Twin 

2.    Eye Of The Untold Her 

3.    Surrender 

4.    Serenity Found 

5.    Untamed 

6.    Purpose 


Part 2

7. The Scarlet Queen 

8. Inner Gold (feat. Royal & The Serpent) 

9. Survive (feat. Walk Off The Earth) 

10. Kintsugi 

11. Firefly Alley 

12. Les Fées 

Lindsey Stirling - Duality [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Butterfly Green LP]
$23.65 Video ON SALE
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Indie Exclusive - AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME ON VINYL! -  It Takes A Thief is the 2010 compilation from the Electronic duo, Thievery Corporation. The album is a collection of tracks specially selected by Rob Garza and Eric Hilton for longtime fans and for music lovers who have heard of Thievery Corporation but may have never listened to the band. It Takes a Thief features 'Lebanese Blonde,' the beautiful track used on the Grammy award-winning Garden State Soundtrack, as well as 'Sound the Alarm', the funk-infused track that has become a
staple opening track for the band's live shows. Now released on vinyl for the first time – this exclusive RSD Essentials variant is available on coke bottle green vinyl.

Thievery Corporation - It Takes A Thief [RSD Essentials 2LPxCoke Bottle Green]
$29.25 ON SALE
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Luke Una Presents

E Soul Cultura

ON SALE $32.98 Vinyl: $25.99 Buy

With some of the best DJs and selectors there is a certain mysterious sound or underlying feeling which unites the music they play, regardless of genre, year or tempo. Luke Una is a master of telling a story through music and this compilation is a perfect example of his musical alchemy in action. Featuring tracks from Yusef Lateef, Airto Moreira, Crooked Man, Henri Texier and many more, it is a collection of new, old, rare and under-discovered music from around the world, all united by Luke under the banner of "E-Soul Cultura". Luke's Friday evening show on Worldwide FM has captured imaginations and has already become a cult four hour must-listen monthly journey with fans all over the world. Today Luke remains, as ever, at the forefront of a changing scene, pairing the momentous legacy of Manchester's 80s and 90s scene with the delivery of what today's club communities need to get down.
Luke Una Presents - E Soul Cultura
$25.99 ON SALE
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Van Armin Buuren

Mirage (Gate) [180 Gram]

ON SALE $53.98 Vinyl: $53.26 Buy

Originally released in 2010, Mirage is the fourth studio album by renowned Dutch trance DJ and producer Armin van Buuren. The album was preceded by the single 'Full Focus', which peaked at #24 on the Dutch Single Charts. Mirage features many great collaborations with furthermore Sophie Ellis-Bextor on 'Not Giving Up On Love', Christian Burns on 'This Light Between Us', Nadia Ali on 'Feels So Good', BT on 'These Silent Hearts', Adam Young (Owl City) on 'Youtopia', and Ferry Corsten on 'Minack'. The album Mirage debuted at #3 on the Dutch Album Top 100, as well as reaching the top 5 of the US Top Dance/Electronic Albums and debuting at #148 on the Billboard 200. The album was certified gold in several countries. Mirage is available on black vinyl, includes an insert and has a secret message engraved in the run-out groove.
Van Armin Buuren - Mirage (Gate) [180 Gram]
$53.26 ON SALE
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Weltuntergang [Limited Edition]

ON SALE $35.98 Vinyl: $33.60 Buy

Autopsia is a cult art project dealing with music and visual production.It's art practice began in London in the late 1970s and continued during the 1980s in the art centers of the former Yugoslavia. Since 1990, Autopsia has acted from Prague, Czech Republic.Above all Autopsia is not concerned with music. What is Autopsia? Art? Theory? Framing? Projection? Gaze? Autopsia is language is image is sound. Autopsia is a tombstone on the grave of time. Autopsia is archaeology. The discourse of the beginning and about the beginning. At the beginning is Death and the pity of Death. The music is in the pity.The music of Autopsia oscillates from romanticism to avantgarde, from industrial rhythms and dark ambient drones to relentless choral swells and academic minimalism.
AutopsiA - Weltuntergang [Limited Edition]
$33.60 ON SALE
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Let's Push It contains the original three bonus remixes and is available on vinyl for the very first time. It is available as a limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on green coloured vinyl.. Nightcrawlers is a Scottish house music project, assembled by producer, DJ and vocalist John Reid. In 1992, John Reid formed the act following his local success as a DJ and vocalist. It was 1995 when he released his debut album, which was titled after it's lead single. Two singles of the album reached the UK Top 10: "Push The Feeling On" and "Surrender Your Love", plus three singles that reached the UK Top 40: "Don't Let The Feeling Go", "Should I Ever (Fall In Love)" and the lead single "Let's Push It".
Nightcrawlers - Let's Push It [Colored Vinyl] (Gate) (Grn) [Limited Edition] [180 Gram]
$39.25 ON SALE
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Bitchcraft [Lime LP]

ON SALE $25.98 Vinyl: $19.49 Buy

Bitchcraft was born in a move from New York City, where Bitch had lived for 15 years, to a log cabin in the woods. There was all the time in the world to make art, and it was there, in the cabin, that Bitch began to write some of the songs that would appear on Bitchcraft. 'It gave me space to think about the biggest version of myself that I could be,' she says of those early days in the cabin. The songs she wrote were a departure from anything she'd ever written before, and she began to craft huge pop tracks with the help of her trusty violin. Then, she moved to LA and Bitchcraft began to shapeshift again. In the time that followed, Bitch assembled a coven to complete it. She called on Anne Preven (Beyonce, Madonna, Demi Lovato) and God-des who helped her crystalize her vision in terms of writing and production. She called on Roma Baran (Laurie Anderson) to produce the violins on 'Polar Bear.' She called on Melissa York (Team Dresch, The Butchies) and Faith Soloway (Transparent) to co-write a couple of the songs. The resulting record is one that is full of glorious pop tracks that go in unexpected directions. Bitchcraft is like Joni Mitchell set to a click track, it's queer Cyndi Lauper. It's neon pink, in your face, ready to hex you with its brilliance. It's an unbelievably fun record that is extremely capable of breaking your heart a little bit. It also makes you think: about the state of the world, about evil politicians, about what it means to exist as a woman, and how to find joy along the way.
Bitch - Bitchcraft [Lime LP]
$19.49 ON SALE
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Small World [LP]

ON SALE $25.98 Vinyl: $23.65 Buy

Metronomy’s new album Small World is a return to simple pleasures, nature, and an embracing in part of more pared down, songwriterly sonics, all while asking broader existential questions: which feels at least somewhat rooted in the period of time during which it was made – 2020. Finding appreciation in nature and our roots, while reappraising the things we value as we get older are all things that are part and parcel of the human experience: though it has all felt accelerated and emphasised in this past year or so. Through the tumultuous ebb and flow of the years, Metronomy continues to endure, and Joe Mount’s ability as a songwriter, arranger and producer shines through on Small World, evergreen.

Metronomy - Small World [LP]
$23.65 ON SALE
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Vegas (Ita)

ON SALE $48.99 Vinyl: $41.30 Buy

MP3 Album: $7.99 Download

Esperanto - Vegas (Ita)
$41.30 ON SALE
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A decade after its initial release of only 300 copies, Tipper's Forward Escape is being offered once more in vinyl format to the legions of fans who sought this vaunted platter for their collection since. Blissfully naive the pressing would be so well received, the 300 copies Tipper self-funded was intended more a physical nod to the album artwork from Android Jones than as the highly sought after and rare collectible these became later. This 2024 'redux' adds a bonus track (Gratis) and updated mixes of each track to separate it from the original release, and the artwork has also received a re-working from the original artist (thus preserving the valuation of those 300 rare copies that have received mythical status in the reselling market over time).

Tipper - Forward Escape [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition 2LP]
$37.40 ON SALE
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Batang Frisco

Batang Frisco (Uk)

ON SALE $30.99 Vinyl: $26.16 Buy

A singular document of misunderstood minimal wave and a moment of pure DIY genius on this self-titled privately-released one off LP from San Francisco group Batang Frisco, recorded between 85-86 but subsequently left sitting in the artist's apartment and only trickling out to those in the know, or who could be bothered to ask over the next three decades. The eight track collection captures the creative underground before the tech boom irreversibly altered the city's landscape, grounded in raw minimal-synth / sequencer tracks but mixed-up with dreamier melancholic moments that break up the stripped-back drum-machine cuts. Racier rhythm tracks 'Power' and '6th And Mission' combine true ear-worm lyrics and infectious drum programming, whilst 'Sewing Machine' is a more sulking, stripped-bare deadly drum-machine + bass guitar duo that has every right to be played in clubs at 4am. Elsewhere, the group show a genuine talent for songwriting, showcasing a more tender and intimate side on 'Julie' or the melancholic, gazing-out-to-sea closer 'Myth'. Remastered from the original analog tapes.
Batang Frisco - Batang Frisco (Uk)
$26.16 ON SALE
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Shockwave [Limited Edition LP]

ON SALE $30.98 Vinyl: $24.35 Buy

Limited vinyl LP pressing. On January 28th, Marshmello releases his 4th independent album "Shockwave" on vinyl via his label Joytime Collective. Shockwave explores genres such as trap, dance, bass house, dubstep, tech, and everything in between. The album represents a gritty and confident sound, exploring a new territory while staying true to Mello's Joytime roots. Filled with an old school sound mixed with perfect new collaborators including Megan Thee Stallion, Juicy J, DJ Sliink, Sippy, Peekaboo, Nitti Gritti, Subtronics, Carnage and Troyboi.
Marshmello - Shockwave [Limited Edition LP]
$24.35 ON SALE
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Bend Before The Break (Uk)

ON SALE $40.99 Vinyl: $35.10 Buy

MP3 Album: $4.99 Download

Garrison were an ahead-of-their-time Boston band who blended post-hardcore with elements of post-punk, emo and shoegaze. In 1999, they released a five-song 7-inch called The Bend Before the Break on Revelation Records, and now it's finally receiving a proper vinyl repress.
Garrison - Bend Before The Break (Uk)
$35.10 ON SALE
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Motion Orchestra

All Ome

ON SALE $45.98 Vinyl: $43.36 Buy

Bathurst is pleased to announce the debut album 'All One' by The Motion Orchestra.The group formed in 2017 in Hamburg as a studio project and outlet for lead writer and bandleader - David Hanke (Keno, Renegades Of Jazz) to explore his Neo-Classical and Jazz sensibilities in a new setting.Comprising of the US-based Andy Sells on Drums, with Germans Alexander Bednasch on Double-Bass, Mark Matthes on Violins, and David Hanke on electronics and production, as well as a one-off guest appearance from other long term Hanke collaborators - Tristan de Liege on clarinet (for the track 'Maylight'), David Nesselhauf on electronics (for the track 'All One') and Ingo Moll on additional Bass (for the track 'Everything We Are').Strangely, when considering the intimacy of the album the group has never actually fully met in person, with live recordings taking place over 4 years across studios in Seattle, Los Angeles and Hamburg. With Hanke and Matthes contributing the majority of the writing and arranging, the wonderful musicianship of the group as a whole is obvious to hear in the record, which expertly showcases the performers rare understanding of musical space and compositional balance, yet still allowing for flashes of individual brilliance.As the first tracks were arranged it became clear that The Motion Orchestra occupy a musical space that sits aside from their obvious stylistic influences, instead bearing a compositional style that deftly fuses the orchestral and electronic worlds more akin to that of modern cinematic composition than most commercial releases. Matthes' lush string arrangements are a beauty to behold, layered elegantly upon the muscular and oftentimes swinging rhythm section low end, all the while Hanke's cerebral sound design and production elements interplay with all throughout, providing an eclectic array of wonderful foils and musical partners to the palette.With only a small clutch of singles and tracks being released so far they have already turned the heads of Huey Morgan on BBC 6Music and Bandcamp Weekly, as well as closing in on 500,000 streams on Spotify. Exploring themes as time and space, transience, life and death - their music is delightfully relevant, timeless and contemplative in comparison to much of today's disposable music culture.'All One' is a collection inspired by the notion that everything comes from the same source, the same starting point. And throughout it's play time it builds out this concept from the reserved, poignant strings and ambience beginnings of opener 'From Dust', through to the delicate pitter-patter rhythm and memorable melodies of 'Threadspin', before picking up in tempo and dynamics ahead of the epic penultimate track - Sonorous' and it's piano chord harmonics, tasteful bass notes, and swirling jazz drum patterns. Indeed by the last notes of title track 'All One' there is a real sense of having mentally journeyed some distance to arrive exactly where you are for the listener. It's a truly atmospheric audio experience that is constantly engaging and inspiring both feelings and thought throughout.Perhaps the mastermind of the project - David Hanke, sums it up best himself:'It begins where it ends. Turning these subjects into sounds, creating an emotional sound journey with a deeper note is the idea.'
Motion Orchestra - All Ome
$43.36 ON SALE
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Dustin Zahn

Gain Of Function

ON SALE $39.98 Vinyl: $38.61 Buy

'The Minneapolis-raised DJ/Producer's second album following 2014's 'Monoliths' lands on Radio Slave's Rekids imprint in November. Although based in Berlin for several years, Dustin Zahn has continued to exert influence over the fertile but steadfastly underground Minneapolis techno scene as part of the Intellephunk collective whilst cultivating a worldwide rep via releases for Blueprint, Token and his own Enemy Records. The 'Gain of Function' LP sees Zahn channelling the groove-fuelled techno of the late '90s and early '00s and shaping eight powerful but funky contemporary techno tracks that display the decades of experience under his belt. Forged from a series of live jams with two drum machines and two synths, the album is a refined collection of raw, purist techno brilliance. Across the A-side 'Tell Me About Paradise' brings shimmering staccato chops under bright and airy percussion before 'Tangie Groove' picks up the pace with floating pads, vocal slices, and a rumbling bassline. On 'Lucid Dreams', scattered percussion plays with hypnotic synth licks, while 'Smoking in Silence' sees off-kilter leads dancing between emotive vocals and evolving drum loops. Opening the second disc is the deep and shuffling 'Crimson Cheeks', with trance-inducing samples nestled between sharp drum hits and rolling synthesis, and 'Days Like These' takes a darker turn as twinkling arps and droning pads carry the track. 'Shark Rodeo' featuring Jeremy Black mangles samples into a dense rolling affair, before closing number 'Next Level Looseness' drops the 4/4 pattern for a raucous club track, combining oddball sound sources and unruly production techniques for a trippy finish to the album. Since the late '90s, Zahn's hypnotic and driving techno has consistently caught the ears of top DJs and labels worldwide, with anyone catching his marathon sets at the likes of Berghain exposed to expansive sets. In addition to his techno-heavy catalogue and DJing prowess, Zahn has lent production and engineering skills to bands and singers, recently working with Polica and on Carm's Pitchfork approved eponymous album. Beyond this, his vital work with Intellephunk includes the nearly two decades long running Communion after-hours events, cementing his invaluable contributions to the scene.
Dustin Zahn - Gain Of Function
$38.61 ON SALE
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Nervous Records, the iconic label synonymous with the rise of house from the streets of New York City, will mark 30 years in the music industry by releasing the celebratory compilation LP 'Nervous Records: 30 Years', with Parts 1 & 2. Featuring original mixes of the label's biggest tracks, plus remixes by some of it's most celebrated acts, 'Nervous Records: 30 Years' is both a celebration of the past and of the future. Featuring a who's who of electronic dance music, the long player sees names including Louie Vega, David Morales Darius Syrossian, Tensnake, Monki, Franky Rizardo, Danny Howard and more take on iconic Nervous cuts: 'You Make Me Feel Mighty Real', 'Treat Me Right', 'Future Groove', 'Feel Like Singing', 'Get Up Everybody', 'Break You', 'Hot', 'End This Hate', 'Unspeakable Joy', 'Can Ya Tell Me', 'Jerk It', 'The Anthem', 'It Makes A Difference', 'Learn 2 Luv' and 'Don't You Ever Give Up'. The album marks one of the most enduring, extraordinary legacies to grace America's illustrious music history, not just in electronica but far beyond. Founded in 1991 by Michael and his father Sam Weiss, and recognizable immediately by it's distinctive character logo, the label grew rapidly, in no small part due to Michael Weiss' practically unmatched passion for discovering new music. 'Louie Vega and Kenny Dope woke me at 4am on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning from their studio telling me they had something really different that I needed to hear,' Michael recollects. 'I asked if they could play it over the phone. They said if I wanted to hear it I had to come to the studio. So of course I got myself up, got dressed and went there. That 'really different track' ended up being 'The Nervous Track', a tune that became our signature release and was also highly instrumental in the emergency of London's 'Broken Beat' movement.'
Nervous Records 30 Years Pt. 1 / Various (Blue) - Nervous Records 30 Years Pt. 1 / Various (Blue)
$69.17 ON SALE
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Now celebrating 20 years since the original release of 'Salsoul Nugget' in April 2001, M&Senlists Mighty Mouse and Mark Knight for some amazing remix action to celebrate this milestone anniversary. Mighty Mouse pulls out all the stops with expertly chopped vocals and loops that builds intensity with a breakdown that is equal parts intense and euphoric and is sure to get the club absolutely heated.With a career that spans across two decades, DJ & Grammy-nominated producer and Toolroom head honcho Mark Knight jumps on board the 'Salsoul Nugget' remix package. It's fair to say Mark Knight knows his way around creating records that connect with house music lovers. 2020 highlighted Mark Knight's more soulful house roots and follows his desire to create timeless dance records that stand the test of time, including the Sunday Shouting sampling 'All 4 Love' (feat Tasty Lopez). 2021 saw the release of 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' with Beverly Knight and the London Community Gospel Choir. For his mix of Salsoul Nugget, Mark beefs up the drums for the main rooms while being respectful to the original.The original vocal and original extended vocal mix and original extended Klub Mix are on the flip.
M&S Presents The Girl Next Door - Salsoul Nugget (20th Anniversary Remixes) (Aniv)
$23.03 ON SALE
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His 2019 album 'DNA' gets the splice and dice treatment with a remix album featuring all Detroit artists! Includes remixes from CARL CRAIG, JON DIXON, STEVE RACHMAD, CLAUDE YOUNG, STEPHEN BROWN, JOHN BELTRAN, STEPHEN LOPKIN, & SHAWN RUDIMAN.
Vince Watson - Dna Re)Sequenced [Colored Vinyl] [Clear Vinyl] [Limited Edition]
$43.36 ON SALE
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Dutch-Belgian band Gare du Nord kicked off early 2001 when producers Doc (Ferdi Lancee) & Inca (Barend Fransen) were asked by a French promotor to deliver the soundtrack for a fashion & lifestyle event in Brussels labeled 'Excellence'. Instead of going just for moody sounds and loungy atmospheres the twosome decided to go beyond synths and beats and composed in three weeks time a songcycle to express their interpretation of traditional delta blues and urban jazz. The debut album In Search Of Exellounge was originally released in June 2001 and was certified gold not long after release. The album features the lead off hit single 'Pablo's Blues', dominated by the dobro rif of Lancee and the voice of blues legend Robert Johnson. In Search Of Exellounge is available as a 20th Anniversary limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on crystal clear & turquoise mixed coloured vinyl.
GARE DU NORD - In Search Of Excellounge [Colored Vinyl] [Clear Vinyl] [Limited Edition] [180 Gram]
$31.40 ON SALE
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Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing.
David Morales - Rise Album Sampler [Colored Vinyl] (Red)
$24.84 ON SALE
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Bolis Pupul

Letter To Yu [LP]

ON SALE $29.98 Vinyl: $26.60 Buy

Following acclaimed Topical Dancer album with Charlotte Adigéry, here comes Letter To Yu, Bolis Pupul’s debut solo album, produced by fellow Belgians, Soulwax. It’s no coincidence that Bolis Pupul’s music sounds the way it does. Born in Belgium to a Chinese mother and Belgian father and raised in Ghent, Bolis’ electronica is a joyous cross-cultural assemblage. The creation of the album is built around Bolis’ trip to Hong Kong earlier this year, made to reconnect with his mother’s roots.

Bolis Pupul - Letter To Yu [LP]
$26.60 ON SALE

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