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Leave your thoughts here is Mr Mibbler's third album following The Long Journey released in January 2021. Mr Mibbler is musicians and producers Thom Hell, Jorn Raknes and Vidar Ersfjord, and this time they have invited an incredible number of first-class Norwegian musicians to play around in their musical world. The guest musicians have been the starting point for the tracks and Mr Mibbler has built the songs around their contributions. Among the guest artists we find very exciting names such as Knut Reiersrud, Lindstrom, Andreas Ulvo, Mathias Eick, Jan Bang, Bjorn Klakegg, Jorgen Munkeby, Sigmund Groven and Nils Petter Molvær, all experienced and acclaimed within their genres in Norway and internationally. This makes Leave your thoughts here a musical journey of different moods, exciting instrumentation and a wonderful mix of genres. You will hear folk, jazz, ambient and electronica performed by the very best musicians in Norway.
Ersford / Mr Mibbler & Guests - Leave Your Thoughts Here
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He transformed and redefined the sound of music in TV and films over a half-century, and now the Emmy®- and Grammy®-winning American composer and musical man-for-all-seasons Mike Post has realized his own creative challenge in Message from the Mountains & Echoes of the Delta, a unique new recording from Sony Masterworks.

The album features a pair of original works by Post that combine the pure sounds of bluegrass (Message from the Mountains) and the blues (Echoes of the Delta) – joined by “dream teams” of soloists who are longtime friends and colleagues – with the expressive power and range of a full orchestra. Post’s musical signatures for The Rockford Files, The A-Team, Magnum P.I., NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues and other TV classics – not to mention the Law & Order family of dramas (including the landmark, two-note “stinger” effect he created) – are in the DNA of contemporary television culture.

In nine multifaceted movements, Message from the Mountains uses the sounds of bluegrass to celebrate the mingling of tradition and diverse cultural experience in American music. Collaborators in realizing the work are the soloists – Herb Pedersen (5-string banjo); Gabe Witcher (fiddle); Mike Witcher (dobro); Patrick Sauber (acoustic guitar/mandolin); and Amy Keys (orator).

 Echoes from the Delta reflects and explores the exuberant joy and the well of anguish that forged the blues in 14 short, expressive movements. Joining Post and the orchestra as soloists are Sonny Landreth (slide guitar); Eric Gales (electric guitar); Abe Laboriel Sr. (bass); Abe Laboriel Jr. (drums); Robert Turner (organ/piano); Jon O’Hara (keyboards); and Amy Keys (vocalist).

The way Mike Post firmly describes himself – “I am an American musician” – is as grateful and respectful as it is limitless in its compass and its ambition. Message from the Mountains & Echoes of the Delta emerged as his own celebration of the American experience that made him who he is.

Mike Post - Message from the Mountains & Echoes of the Delta [CD]
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Scriabin – Scarlatti creates a dreamlike meditation in which the boundaries between pieces, eras and states of mind fade away. Julius Asal’s full performance of the Sonata is framed by a selection of Scriabin’s etudes and preludes, six sonatas by Scarlatti and two improvisatory Transitions by the pianist himself.

Julius Asal - Scriabin - Scarlatti [CD]
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Carve the Runes Then Be Content With Silence will be released on the autumn equinox, September 20, 2024, following its premiere in London in June. This first reveal comes 3 years after the only tape was planted in the soil of the Islands of Orkney, all digital files were deleted. It will be released as it sounds from the earth. The recording is a 3-movement work for solo violin and string ensemble. The piece was written in 2021 to mark the centenary of celebrated Orcadian poet, George Mackay Brown.

Erland Cooper - Carve The Runes Then Be Content With Silence [CD]
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Percussion has always been an important part of my life. Beginning in my travels though West Africa when I was 18 years old, when I began collecting and learning to play ‘balafons’ (kind of like the African version of a marimba), and through my years of playing in metal-based Indonesian Gamalan ensembles in my twenties, as well as building my own strange metal and wood percussion ensembles in my early theatrical performance years, it has always been a lifelong obsession. 

Shortly after we premiered my first violin concerto, I had a chance meeting with percussionist Colin Currie in London. We decided it could be great fun to create a piece together. I was excited to plunge into the challenge of another concerto while at the same time to really go back to my roots with wood and metal, mallets and sticks and hands. I also knew Colin was an extraordinary musician who would be great to collaborate with.  

And I was aware that there were far fewer concertos for percussion then the more obvious piano, violin, cello, etc, and that meant there were far fewer models to guide me which made the idea of a percussion concerto far more enticing.  




It was just before the pandemic when I was in London working on a film score, and my publisher suggested I meet the NYOGB (The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain)  as they had expressed interest in the possibility of doing a commission. At first I was skeptical about the idea of a youth orchestra, but I decided to attend a performance they were giving. I was, to say the least, blown away by how good they were. I decided on the spot that I would indeed find a way to write a piece for them.  

So I jumped into the composition that’s now called Wunderkammer. My original intentions was to create something that was very challenging for them, as I knew they were up for that, and something that would also be fun and exciting for them to dig into which might feature different instrument sections throughout to give everyone a moment to shine. 

A Wunderkammer (or “wonder room”) is a cabinet of curiosities or even a room of mystery and oddities which can be fun, or scary, intriguing or instructive, but never boring! And that’s just what I was hoping to bring to the NYOGB with Wunderkammer. 



My first concerto was written for violinist Sandy Cameron. She had been besieging me for ages to write a duet for violin and voice. I finally relented on the condition that we add a piano and make it a trio. While talking about the project with two composer friends we all decided to write for the same trio for a collaborative project which will be called, appropriately, “Trio”. When I began discussing the possibility of recording the concerto and Wunderkammer with Sony Classical they suggested that I include something that had never been performed. It was then I decided to take one of the 4 moments I’d written for “Trio” and to both expand and  adapt it for choir and full orchestra. Thus, the origins of “Are You Lost?” 

Danny Elfman - Percussion Concerto & Wunderkammer [CD]
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Juno To Jupiter [2LP]

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Inspired by the groundbreaking mission of NASA's Juno space probe and its ongoing exploration of Jupiter, Juno to Jupiter is Vangelis' multi-dimensional journey through electronic, progressive, ambient, techno, orchestral, and vocal music. The project features soprano Angela Gheorghiu and sounds from space recorded by NASA.

Vangelis - Juno To Jupiter [2LP]
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Claerhout / Nabou

You Know

ON SALE $26.99 Vinyl: $21.92 Buy

With an original line-up of trombone, electric guitar, double bass and drums, NABOU is a breath of fresh air on the Belgian jazz scene. On the trombone, bandleader and composer Nabou Claerhout is looking for a sound all her own: by means of all sorts of effects, she creates a dreamy musical framework with a strong atmospheric and melancholic resonance. The group's debut EP 'Hubert' - for which Claerhout was nominated for the Sabam For Culture 'Jazz Composer 2019' prize - was already a fine demonstration of it's unique sound, which is now further refined and specified on it's first full album You Know. Lush and intimate sounds alternate with strongly rhythmically based compositions, while groovy bass riffs from Trui Amerlinck, Mathias Vercammen's elaborate drum patterns and the modern, virtuoso guitar playing of Roeland Celis play their part in this musical adventure full of highlights - all created in combination with Claerhout's distinctive trombone playing 'that sings, cries, pulsates, narrates and knows how to make many hearts weak through well-constructed contemporary piece
Claerhout / Nabou - You Know
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SVIN has been at the forefront of progressive Danish music for a decade, as both a lauded pioneer and a well-guarded secret. The ten movements of ELEGI build from a base of reflective melancholy to one of high energy, combining the ambient drones familiar from some of SVIN's previous albums with junkyard percussion, ritualistic fervor, and a sure sense of Zen. It is composed music with the impulses of a tight, reactive improvisation and with a vast range of timbres and textures, acoustic and electronic.
Eiler / Svin / Arhus Sinfonietta - Elegi (2pk)
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Učle Lamore

Loom (Uk)

ON SALE $48.99 Vinyl: $41.30 Buy

Učle Lamore - Loom (Uk)
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Commemorating the 1924 premiere of Rhapsody in Blue, pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet collabs with Michael Feinstein, the ‘one-man encyclopaedia of the Great American Songbook’ to release Gershwin Rhapsody. The two also perform a Gershwin-esque setting of Vincent Youman’s classic tune, ‘Tea for Two’ and the programme rounds off with ‘Jasbo Brown Blues’ from Porgy & Bess.
Jean-Yves Thibaudet / Michael Feinstein - Gershwin Rhapsody
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Chloe Flower

Chloe Flower

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Chloe Flower is a visionary, a powerhouse, an icon, an activist, a fashion influencer, and so much more. Bridging the gap between classical and pop, Chloe's self-created Popsical genre embodies sweet melodies, epic strings, and hip-hop beats blending with impressive aplomb. Chloe has been working on her eponymous debut album for over a decade. Living through the COVID-19 pandemic not only changed Chloe's life, but also the course of her music. The stay-home period was a clear signal to take ownership and to create an album which matters and speaks volumes. Chloe's album is divided into three acts - (I) Innocence, (II) Suffering and (III) Hope - and book-ended by a prelude and finale that redefine classical crossover. It features spoken word from Deepak Chopra and an interpretation of Billie Eilish's chart-topping hit 'Bad Guy.' Of her album Chloe states: "I was thinking about the life cycle. You start with innocence; born with a clean slate. Throughout life there is suffering which hardens you. But there's always hope for change, something better. I want people to listen to the album as a whole body of work, which is why there is a prelude and finale in addition to the three acts. The ultimate goal was to make an album that inspires listeners and makes people hopeful. It's new and edgy - a sound that is authentic to me. Though my music doesn't have lyrics, I still have something to say."
Chloe Flower - Chloe Flower
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Rob Burger

Marching With Feathers

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Rob Burger's keyboard work can be heard in everything from Guggenheim showcases to the blockbuster film Ocean's 8 - in addition to albums by John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, and Iron & Wine - but the moonlit compositions he spins up on his own may be his most compelling work. His newest solo venture, Marching With Feathers, departs from the controlled exotica and kosmische of 2019's The Grid towards a genreless seesaw of electrified apprehension and capacious piano rumination. Piano-based tracks like "Figurine" and "Still" draw the listener into a realm of quiet contemplation, while arid psyche vignettes like "Library Science" and "Hotel For Saints" imbue the collection with a vital groove, conjuring images of a searing, high desert plain. At the core of the album is a central dichotomy between strength and gentleness, power and vulnerability. By uniting these seemingly opposing concepts, Burger catches you off guard by carving trails that turn from mirage to stark reality at every bend. As the album draws to a close, the listener feels as though they're waking from a dream, pensive yet determined to rise, like a lost hiker reaching a vista - or a clenched fist full of feathers.
Rob Burger - Marching With Feathers
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Sven Helbig

Skills (Uk)

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Vinyl LP pressing. "In my parents' living room stands an elaborately hand-forged copper kettle - my grandfather's masterpiece, hammered out of a single piece of copper. Growing up in a family of craftsmen, I have been familiar since early childhood with the attitude of perfecting a thing for it's own sake. The deepening concentration and slow maturing of execution, the craft shares with spiritual rituals, with arts, sports and the sciences. I am touched by the sight of almost ideal expressions of human activity, be it a forged piece, a perfectly build sentence or an athletic performance. I dedicate my album Skills to this fascination. A branched succession of changing skills has brought mankind to the present day. The skills that were originally life-supporting grew into handy crafts and art. This development through the times reflects the enormous changes in ethics, aesthetics and morals. People describe this process in many shades, from culturally pessimistic dystopias to posthumanist utopias. The music of Skills lives in this field - between hymn and melancholy."
$25.20 ON SALE
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Two years ago, a unique performance took place at the Archa Theatre in Prague in which the legendary Czech folk musician Dagmar Vonková performed her repertoire. This time, however, Vonková did not appear as a soloist but accompanied by a band composed of eight major figures on the local musical scene: Beata Hlavenková, Dorota Barová, Marcel Bárta, Oskar Török, Milos Dvorácek, Jirí Slavík, Marian Friedl, Petr Ostrouchov and the singer Lenka Dusilová as guest. Animal Music now releases a life recording of this concert. The band was assembled on the initiative of the producer of the project, Petr Ostrouchov, who designed the program especially for the Strings of Autumn festival in the year of Dagmar Vonková's seventieth birthday. The concert was offered as a tribute to this remarkable folk singer who has been part of the musical scene since the 1970s when she first came with her wholly original combination of traditional folk song with a unique approach to guitar play and an expressive way of singing. Remarkably, her music and reputation spanned the borders of Czechoslovakia. Accompanied on the piano, wind instruments, double bass, the drums, percussions, folk flutes or cimbalom, Vonková's songs, characterized by a strong folk-poetic drive, can be heard in a new flourish of colors in the present recording. The many-layered arrangements are the work of members of the accompanying band whose own musical language draws on jazz and contemporary music as well as current songwriting and folk-song.
$52.38 ON SALE
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Tom Kitt

Reflect [2LP]

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Tom’s debut album, Reflect, features songs co-written and performed by some of Broadway’s biggest stars, including Adrienne Warren, Mandy Gonzalez, Michael McElroy, Jenn Colella, Danny Burstein, Rebecca Luker, Javier Muńoz, Lauren Patten, Jerry Dixon, Elizabeth Stanley, Heidi Blickenstaff, Brian d’Arcy James, and Pearl Sun. An album about finding your voice when you need it most, Reflect is a true collaboration that captures the hope and heartbreak of the tumultuous times we’re living through.

Tom Kitt’s spirit courses through film, television, theater, music, and beyond. He garnered the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama along with two Tony Awards® for Next To Normal and won a 2021 Grammy Award® for his work on the Broadway Cast Recording of Jagged Little Pill. His body of work as a composer spans everything from the upcoming Broadway musical Almost Famous, [written with Cameron Crowe] to his Tony Award® nominated work on both If/Then, and SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical. Tom notably took home an Emmy Award® as co-writer (with Lin-Manuel Miranda) for the 2013 Tony Awards® opening number, “Bigger.” Next up for Tom are two new shows debuting in New York City this fall - The Visitor at The Public Theater and Flying Over Sunset at Lincoln Center.

Tom Kitt - Reflect [2LP]
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Lucy Railton / Downes,Kit


ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $20.92 Buy

Subaerial' is the latest and most sophisticated transmission from the long musical partnership of cellist Lucy Railton and keyboardist Kit Downes, a collaborative history that stretches back thirteen years. From the beginning, the pair bridged musical worlds, with the former emerging from classical and contemporary music and the latter steeped in jazz tradition. This phenomenal new album captures the musicians erasing lines between approaches and traditions. While improvisation has always been a part of their alliance, Subaerial marks the first time that the duo have used recorded improvisations as the core material for a release. The cello and organ, beautifully recorded by Alex Bonney at Skáholt Cathedral, blend in richly striated harmonies, with phrases and cadences that stretch back centuries while sounding unerringly contemporary
Lucy Railton  / Downes,Kit - Subaerial
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Danish composer, pianist and producer Asger Baden has made a name for himself as a film and TV series composer with his atmospheric music featured in world-acclaimed productions such as "Breaking Bad" and "The Wolfpack". After having worked on several collaborative projects and composing with the bands "The Crooked Spoke" and "Cours Lapin", Baden now releases his debut album of solo material, "If the music stops, they'll eat him up" via Berlin-based label Neue Meister. It invokes through it's nine tracks a sense of mysterious and highly visual storytelling. As is expected of a composer who has worked with cinema extensively, the music unfolds much like a motion picture, conjuring images that are rich and textured. It's as if Baden was painting a wide and vast musical room where the listener is invited to explore it's every nook and cranny, from soft percussive footsteps in the background, to the whispering rumbles of synthesizers just in front or the frail conversation of strings happening to the side. There's an overwhelming sense of openness and atmosphere to every sound, with a churchy echo delineating the space that surrounds them. There's definitely a lot of space for fantasy within "If the music stops, they'll eat him up", and much is left to the imagination of the listener. The album's title in itself begs a frightening question - "who'll eat who up?". The accompanying cover art imagery, by Danish illustrator John Kenn Mortensen, with depictions of creatures that - depending on the beholder - might be viewed as friendly or menacing, only amplifies the sense of reverie. Like all good pieces of art, it incites more questions than formulates answers.
Baden - If The Music Stops They'll Eat Him Up [Colored Vinyl] (Ylw)
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Luca D'Alberto

In Our Hearts [LP]

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Italian composer Luca D’Alberto reveals the last chapter “Tomorrow” with the release of his new album “In our Hearts” : a chapter on hope symbolized by electronic influenced tracks.

Luca D'Alberto - In Our Hearts [LP]
$23.65 ON SALE
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Nils Frahm

Old Friends New Friends [2LP]

ON SALE $35.98 Vinyl: $32.24 Buy

Nils Frahm’s double album 'Old Friends New Friends' gathers together 23 solo piano tracks recorded between 2009 and 2021, almost all hitherto unreleased but omitted from previous albums and projects for one reason or another. 

The album was pieced together during the pandemic as Frahm used the time to arrange his archives, conscious of the sheer number of recordings he’d accumulated. Having selected his favourites, he realised how, when he listened to them together, they offered “a different spectrum of freedom for me. I forgot that some tracks are ten years old, some two, and they’re all played on different pianos. Instead I remembered how, as a fan, I love albums like this. With a lot of my records there’s a point where you feel, ‘This is the centrepiece,’ but here I wasn’t really worrying about that. It still feels like my universe, though, and I’m proud that all these things which I never found a way to unite before now work together. It’s like I tossed flowers indiscriminately into a vase and then realised it looked exactly right.”

The 140g vinyl records come housed in a single-pocket cardboard jacket, and protected by premium anti-static inner sleeves.

Nils Frahm - Old Friends New Friends [2LP]
$32.24 ON SALE
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Emily D'angelo

Enargeia (Can)

ON SALE $25.98 Vinyl: $23.65 Buy

Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Concept, character and cool - Emily D'angelo's debut album on Deutsche Grammophon encompasses everything that comes so naturally to the young Canadian vocalist. Enargeia features music from the 12th and 21st centuries written by four female composers - Hildegard von Bingen, Hildur GudnadĂłttir, Missy Mazzoli and Sarah Kirkland Snider. "Each track is born out of the previous," explains the singer, "as the listener is guided through a progression, a cohesive and exploratory listening experience."
$23.65 ON SALE
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Composer, multi-instrumentalist and twenty time Grammy-winner Pat Metheny returns with Road To The Sun, his debut for BMG Modern Recordings and the latest chapter in an endlessly innovative career that spans nearly five decades. A collection of two major new works composed by Metheny and performed by five of the world 's leading guitarists, Road To The Sun unveils new facets of an already expansive personal language while obliterating any genre boundaries that stand in it's way. Road To The Sun: Deluxe Edition vinyl 2LP + CD box set with specially designed lenticular cover of the album artwork plus two books containing the full scores and numbered art card hand signed by Pat.
Pat Metheny - Road To The Sun [Limited Edition]
$111.98 ON SALE
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ON SALE $25.99 Vinyl: $21.11 Buy

MP3 Album: $8.99 Download

Avant-garde British composer and multi-disciplinary artist Klein presents her first PENTATONE album Harmattan, described by Fred Moten as "a soundtrack of epic revolt against beginnings and ends", which expands our notions of what classical music means today. Harmattan is a personal journey from childhood to now, titled after the West African season. Starting with jazz-inspired piano improvisations, the album gradually gains in ambient breadth, transforming classical musical inspirations into Klein's unique sound universe. Based in South London, Klein's work has been described as "grainy pop collages" (FACT) utilizing elements like manipulated audio samples, R&B inspired vocals, metallic drones, and pitch shifting effects.
Klein - Harmattan
$21.11 ON SALE
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Matteo Myderwyk

Notes Of Longing

ON SALE $31.98 Vinyl: $25.59 Buy

Matteo's first album with Warner Classics combines solo piano and electronic synth-tracks. The album includes many melodious and catchy works, simply perfect for modern-classical piano mood playlists as well as for synch opportunities. 'This album is entirely dedicated to all forms of longing. Whether it is wistful longing of moments from the past, or the desire for future better times. The Notes of Longing premise is to accompany the listener through all of his or her intimate moments of daydreaming and longing. Therefore, this album is fully dedicated to those seeking comfort.' - Matteo Myderwyk
Matteo Myderwyk - Notes Of Longing
$25.59 ON SALE
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Joey Defrancesco

More Music

ON SALE $27.98 Vinyl: $27.65 Buy

Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing, On More Music, master organist Joey DeFrancesco, who has long supplemented his keyboard virtuoso with his skilled trumpet playing, brings out his full arsenal: organ, keyboard, piano, trumpet and, for the first time on record, tenor saxophone. More Music offers up ten new DeFrancesco originals, brought to life by a scintillating new trio with fellow Philadelphia organist and guitarist Lucas Brown and gifted drummer Michael Ode.
Joey Defrancesco - More Music
$27.65 ON SALE
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With the album, Amour fou, soprano Myriam Leblanc and Ensemble Mirabilia take us on a journey of love via arias and songs spanning more than 800 years. From Fauré's poetic, “Au bord de l'eau,” to Jacques Brel's heartrending, “Ne me quitte pas,” and Barbara's, “Dis quand reviendras-tu?” Leblanc has gathered a bouquet of music depicting the most human of all sentiments. Amour fou also includes an aria from Vivaldi's cantata Amor hai vento, several old English songs by Thomas Campion and more.
Myriam Leblanc/Ensemble Mirabilia - Amour fou
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vision string quartet


ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $20.10 Buy

The new vinyl "Spectrum" by the vision string quartet presents 13 songs composed, arranged and produced by the four young musicians from Berlin themselves. Inspired by folk, pop, rock, funk, minimal and singer-songwriter music, Jakob Encke (violin), Daniel Stoll (violin), Sander Stuart (viola) and Leonard Disselhorst (cello) have embarked on a journey to their very own sound and genre. The result is an unprecedented musical adventure without borders, shaped by personal experiences, new and old encounters as well as subtle impressions from various cultures. They create a whole world of sounds with just their four string instruments - from guitar, ukulele and bass to bongos or a complete drum set.
vision string quartet - Spectrum
$20.10 ON SALE

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